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Xiaoyun Wang


Xiaoyun Wang make the contribution to cryptology and cryptologic mathematics. She gave the collision attack on the world widely used hash function standards MD5 and SHA-1, subkey recovery attack on Message Authentication Codes ALPHA-MAC, MD5-MAC and PELICAN, also gave the distinguishing attack on HMAC-MD5. There are 4 papers awarded the Best Paper, including CRYPTO 2005 and EUROCRYPT 2005 best papers. Her joint paper with Hongbo Yu ¡°How to Break MD5 and other Hash Functions¡± was given Thomson Reuters Research Fronts Award 2008.

Due to her contribution to cryptology, Xiaoyun Wang was awarded the CSIAM Su Buchin Prize in 2010, the Second Class Prize of National Natural Science Award in 2008, the first Prize of Natural Science by Chinese Ministry of Education, the Tan Kah Kee Science Award, the Qiushi Outstanding Scientist Award, and China Young Women Scientists Award in 2006. She has successfully finished the projects supported by National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, National Natural Science Foundation of China (Key Program) and ¡°863¡± fund.

Education Background:

B.S., Mathematics Department , Shandong University, 1987.
M.S., Mathematics Department , Shandong University, 1990.
Ph.D., Mathematics Department , Shandong University, 1993.

Research Experience:

Lecturer, Mathematics Department, Shandong University, 7/1993-6/1995. Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department, Shandong University, 7/1995-6/2001. Professor, School of Mathematics, Shandong University, 7/2001 -Present. Professor, Institute for Advanced Study, Tsinghua University, 7/2005-Present. Director of the Key Lab of Cryptography Technology and Information Security, Ministry of Education, Shandong University, 1/2006-Present Director of Center for Cryptology Study, Tsinghua University, 12/2009-Present

Honorable Positions:

Program Co-chair of ASIACRYPT 2011. Program Co-chair of CANS 2011. Program Committee of EUROCRYPT 2007 Editor of Advances in Mathematics of Communications, 2005 ¨C Present Program Co-chair of PKC 2007 Standing Director of Chinese Association for Cryptologic Research(CACR), 2008-Present Director of Technical Committee on Cryptologic Mathematics, CACR, 2010-Present

Curriculums Taught:

Calculus, 1993-1999. Abstract Algebra, 1995-1997. Applied Cryptography,2000-Present. Number Theory and Abstract Algebra,2002. Analysis and Design for Symmetric Cipher, 2002-Present. Public-Key Cryptography,2002-Present.


  1. Xiaoyun Wang, The Survey of Cryptanalysis of Hash Functions£¬FSE 2010£¬Seoul, South Korea (Invited talk).
  2. Xiaoyun Wang, Survey for MAC Algorithms, Inscrypt 2009, Beijing, China (Invited talk).
  3. Xiaoyun Wang, Survey of Recent Research on Hash Functions, 2008, Hash Functions in Cryptology: Theory and Practice, Lorentz Center, Netherlands (Keynote Speech).
  4. Xiaoyun Wang, Cryptanalysis on MACs, 2008, CANS 2008, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (Invited talk).
  5. Xiaoyun Wang, Cryptanalysis for Hash Functions and Its Potential Dangers, 2007, University College London, UK (Invited talk).
  6. Xiaoyun Wang, Cryptanalysis on Stream Cipher ABC v3, 2007, Ėcole Normale Sup¨¦rieure, France (Invited talk).
  7. Xiaoyun Wang, Cryptanalysis for Hash Functions and Some Potential Dangers, 2006, RSA Conference, San Jose, CA, USA (Invited Talk).
  8. Xiaoyun Wang, Cryptanalysis on Hash Functions, 2006, IPA Cryptography Forum, Japan (Invited talk).
  9. Xiaoyun Wang, Cryptanalysis for Hash functions and Some Potential Dangers, 2006, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan (Invited talk).
  10. Xiaoyun Wang, Cryptanalysis on Hash Functions, 2006, NTT, Tokyo, Japan (Invited talk).
  11. Xiaoyun Wang, Cryptanalysis on Stream Cipher ABC v3, 2006, CANS 2006, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, ShangHai, China (Invited talk).
  12. Xiaoyun Wang, Andrew C. Yao, Frances Yao, Cryptanalysis of SHA-1 Hash Function, 2005, CRYPTOGRAPHIC HASH WORKSHOP, USA (Keynote Speech).
  13. Xiaoyun Wang, How to Break MD5 and Other Hash Functions, 2005, EUROCRYPT 2005, Denmark. ¡¾Best Paper Award¡¿
  14. Xiaoyun Wang, Xuejia Lai, Dengguo Feng, Hui Chen, Xiuyuan Yu, Cryptanalysis of the Hash Functions MD4 and RIPEMD, 2005, EUROCRYPT 2005, Denmark. ¡¾Best Paper Award¡¿

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