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School of Mathematics and System Sciences,
Shandong University,
Jinan, Shandong 250100,
P.R. China.
Email: mingqiangwang@sina.com.


Ph.D.: Shandong University, 2004.
M.S.: Shandong University, 1998.
B.S.: Qufu Normal University, 1995.

Professional Positions:

2007-: Associate Professor,  Shandong University.
2004-2007: Associate Professor, Qufu Normal University.
2004-2006: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Shandong University.

Research Interests:

Additive number theory, public key cryptology, elliptic curve.


Subproject of 973.
Project Post-Doctoral Fellowship of Shandong province.
Project Nature Science of Shandong province.
Project Doctoral Fund of Ministry of Education of China.


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